The Giving Garden

Sandi Frost Steensma is the founder of Kennari Consulting, one of the largest full-service fundraising consulting firms in Michigan. Kennari Consulting is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and currently serves around 100 organizations annually. Sandi has over 30 years of experience with public service and fundraising, and she works with clients in all stages of the fundraising cycle. Her clients benefit from her experience, and her new book, The Giving Garden, can put that knowledge in your hands, too.

The Giving Garden is Sandi’s first book, and she wanted to write something directed toward people who work with nonprofit organizations and other fundraising causes. The book focuses on practical fundraising practices that are simple to implement and quickly show a return on investment, guiding readers through the process of turning a first-time donor into a major giver. She uses the imagery of master gardeners cultivating specific flowers and the careful work put into giving them exactly what they need to grow.

Sandi believes that donors should be treated as unique individuals and her book offers insight into how fundraisers can actually approach them that way – something she doesn’t think is done often enough. This sort of personalized engagement can have incredible impact on the communities served. The Giving Garden will help fundraisers focus on relationship-based fundraising as they rediscover the joy of raising money for the organizations they love.

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