Printing Hope: How Jenkins Group Supported The Just Diagnosed Guides

Jen Singer

As many of us know, navigating the complexities of medical information can be daunting, particularly when dealing with a health crisis. Jen Singer, a seasoned health and medical writer, understands this struggle intimately. Having battled cancer, COVID-19, and heart failure herself, she found herself Googling conditions, diagnoses, and terms that, without her professional history, would have been indecipherable.

These experiences prompted Singer to create her own patient-friendly multi-book series to steer readers through the medical world called The Just Diagnosed Guides. These guides, which cover circumstances ranging from sarcoidosis to How to Support Someone Who’s Sick, always maintain focus on what you need to know now (without Googling it).

Singer’s motivation behind these books is clear: to provide clarity and comfort in the face of medical uncertainty. She writes in a voice that resonates with empathy and experience, aiming to alleviate the anxiety that often accompanies a new diagnosis.

Jenkins Group played a pivotal role in bringing Singer’s vision to life with their printing expertise. They printed 2,000 copies each of How to Be Sick and How to Support Someone Who is Sick, 750 copies of Sarcoidosis, and 1,000 copies of Heart Failure. Jenkins Group’s commitment to quality and efficiency ensured that these invaluable resources could reach those who need them most.

Looking ahead, Singer is enthusiastic about expanding her collection of guides, promising more insights and support for those navigating the complexities of illness. “The writing part is easy!” she exclaims. “It’s everything else that’s hard. But I have no shortage of stories to share for future books!”

For anyone seeking further information on The Just Diagnosed Guides or interested in obtaining a copy, visit their official website at

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