The Crossover of Coaching

Motivator. Teacher. Shrink

Three roles Bob Teichart plays, and plays well. But this successful business consultant wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to influence others.

The answer for Teichart lay in a dream he’d long harbored but hadn’t acted on.

“I’d always wanted to write a book,” said Teichart. “It was a ten-year dream.”

The result was his book Motivator/Teacher/Shrink: How to Attract and Develop Highly Successful Salespeople.

For Teichart, a coaching legend who had trained 35 high school All-American swimmers and worked with numerous business leaders and salespeople to help them achieve outstanding results, the decision to write a book has had far-reaching results.

Teichart worked with those who wanted to improve their sales performance and those of the people who worked for them. He had developed theories and tools for positively impacting sales, but he was looking for a means to reach more people, as well as to have a greater and longer-lasting outcome.

“I needed a tool for my workshops,” he said.

Hence the book. Teichart says he decided to become an author not only for financial gain, but to positively influence his clients. “I wrote it for two reasons: Money and impact,” he said.

But Teichart knew that he wouldn’t likely get rich from book sales. Instead, he was looking long-term for something that would help him leverage his consulting business. A book gave him the perfect vehicle to pass on the wisdom he had accumulated over the years.

Teichart credits one of his clients with putting him on track to write the book. Actually, a client’s wife.

“I had put together a 40-page manuscript, and sent it to a client to use and look at,” said Teichart. “His wife was an English teacher. She went through it with a red pen.”

Teichart realized he couldn’t go it alone, and he began working with a writer to take his ideas and translate them into his book. And the book took just a year from that red-lettered manuscript to a finished product.

Teichart says the book is an accurate reflection of his philosophies and the way he communicates.

“If you go through the book, it’s concise and direct. That’s the way I talk,” said Teichart.

Teichart’s book is different from most other books, even most other business books. The diagrams and exercises make it almost a workbook, though he calls it a “playbook” for improving the performances of salespeople. It is applicable to anyone, from the so-called sales superstars to those who have difficulty closing the sale – any sale. Teichart says it even goes beyond sales to anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Teichart says the finished book has had the impact he had intended. It has enabled him to further spread the word, providing him with a means to reach more people. It has also given him more perceived expertise. That has translated into more opportunities for workshops and speaking engagements.

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