The Balance Equation

The Balance Equation  – Stuart Rosenblum and Rob Fiance

Co-founders and authors of The Balance Equation Stuart Rosenblum and Rob Fiance are both highly successful businessmen who developed this book and subsequent program after realizing the unhealthy imbalances between their routines and their values were a roadblock to personal and professional success. Wanting to help themselves and others learn to live their best lives, Stuart, a Fortune 20 business executive, and Rob, an owner of STS Education and the Healthy Software Company, discovered the power of micro-moves or small daily changes, in transforming routines and restoring balance to the four main life categories of self, health, relationships, and money.

The Balance Equation leverages these micro-moves as doable, non-disruptive actions performed with intention in order to live a life where priorities are reflected by the way time is spent. The Balance Equation is more than a book to read, but rather a program to live. This book has allowed Stu and Rob to take a carefully curated personal lifestyle and break it down into a formula for daily life that can be applied to anyone. In doing so, the authors are both helping individuals live their best lives and working with companies to increase their employee well-being and efficiency.

The Balance Equation works each reader through a careful examination of their own life and provides the framework for transformation. The program laid out in this book may have been written by two highly experienced businessmen, but its audience is not limited to corporate employees, rather readers of all ages from all areas of life can benefit from the restorative lifestyle of The Balance Equation.

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