Teton Valley Ranch Camp

Teton Valley Ranch Camp (TVRC) was established in 1939 to provide unique, challenging, and fun western and backcountry experiences to campers. It is located on 2,300 acres of land, bordered on all sides by National Forest and other state and federal lands. When campers head out on the trails, they follow in the footsteps of cowboys and cowgirls who have worked the land for generations and have the chance to catch sight of deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, and moose.

TVRC offers five levels of programming from 11-year-old Yearlings to 16-year-old Trail Blazers, encouraging progressive attendance as campers’ skill advance. Campers can focus on specific areas of interest including backpacking, horseback riding, and fly fishing. Some of the camp’s core values include stewardship, lifelong friendship, and having both the strength to lead and the faith to follow.

The TVRC Education Foundation, formed 61 years after the camp was established, seeks to provide educational excellence in camp programming in an enriching western environment. They took over the Camp when the founding family was ready to pass it on, locating a new ranch and developing the land to serve campers for generations to come. The Camp offers two-week and four-week sessions and will welcome over 300 campers this summer.

TVRC continues to provide a journey of discovery for every camper, allowing a space for traditions, growth, and a chance to be connected to the self and the wilderness that they adventure in. To celebrate the Camp’s 80th anniversary, the TVRC Education Foundation published a book looking back on decades of Camp history.

To learn more about TVRC, please visit https://www.tvrcamp.org/


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