One More High-Performance Habit

“Habits are not considered sexy,” write Andrew Sykes and Hanlie Van Wyk. “They’re not exciting when stacked against big corporate ideas […] But habits are the gene code of your company.”

Sykes and Van Wyk express the tremendous importance of habits in their new book, The 11th Habit: Design Your Company Culture to Foster the Habits of High Performance. The authors have chosen Jenkins Group to help publish this book, which will take their message to the next level. The 11th Habit will act as a marketing tool—further enhancing the authors’ credibility as leading business consultants.

With more than 25 years of background knowledge, Andrew Sykes is “adamant about helping companies to flourish through the success of their people, rather than at their expense.” He is a highly regarded speaker who has presented at thousands of events. Sykes has also consulted for major companies like Google and Microsoft.

Hanlie Van Wyk has more than 30 years of experience working across three continents; she connects the “brain, behavior and well being.” She is the Head of Research and Habit Change at the Behavioral Research and Applied Technology Laboratory (BRATLAB).

In The 11th Habit, Sykes and Van Wyk explore the transformative power of habits in the workplace. They look specifically at the ways in which habit building applies to a positive company culture—one in which employees are humanized and high-performing.

The book illuminates the habit of self care, a habit that our high-performing culture often does not value as highly as it should. The authors examine the ways in which to build a high-performance company through health, happiness, and security. They attest to the importance of positive habits in establishing a work/life balance.

Jenkins Group provides Sykes and Van Wyk with a full range of options for book production, distribution, and marketing. Jenkins Group works with independent and small press book publishers—uniquely tailoring services to serve each client’s needs.


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