On Jerry’s Bookshelf: The Prosperity Track

James R. Peters takes the title Financial Expert to a new level. How does he do so? He holds impressive degrees in financial services and managerial finance, as well as the titles CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner). He boasts over ten years of managing financial portfolios and advising both individuals and corporations. He offers his expertise as a speaker, the platform so crucial to being a recognized expert on any given subject.

Certainly these credentials make James Peters a Financial Expert, but do they significantly set him apart from every other financial advisor claiming that title? Perhaps not, but Peters has one thing that does set him apart, that validates his financial expertise—a book.

Peters’ book, The Prosperity Track: Energize, Enable, Empower, offers cohesive and relevant advice on reorganizing your life to be truly prosperous. By recognizing that prosperity means something different to everyone, Peters opens his audience up to include not just individuals and families, but businesses and corporations as well. In addition to being genuinely informative and helpful, the book effectively functions as the marketing boost that sets Peters above other financial advisors. Authoring The Prosperity Track enables Peters to showcase his insight into financial management in a respected and powerful medium: the book. It also beautifully showcases the empowering, encouraging attitude Peters brings into a subject that can seem incredibly daunting to many; the book includes sections on motivation, goal-setting, and overcoming excuses. With this book, Peters establishes himself as a cut above the competition.

Peters’ book, The Prosperity Track: Energize, Enable, Empower, is available on Amazon.


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