On Jerry’s Bookshelf: Brands & Rousers

How do you successfully operate a global business? For many, the answer to this question lies in strategy—often expressed in a phrase that sums up their fundamental business ideology, that strategy they seek to apply in every situation. For Luis Gallardo, at the moment he was the newly appointed global marketing and brand leader of Deloitte, that conventional wisdom took the form of an oft-repeated phrase: “think global, act local.” Eight years later and with considerable experience under his belt, Luis Gallardo explores his prior mentality that an overall strategy was the only requirement in successfully operating a global business. Brands & Rousers: The Holistic System to Foster High-Performing Businesses, Brands and Careers is an informative compilation of Gallardo’s expansive business wisdom, primarily focused on espousing the need to go beyond the “general strategy” route to successfully foster business growth.

Gallardo’s book is filled to the brim with charts, graphics, and scenarios to aid the reader in implementing his compelling strategy: managers must become rousers, engaged from top to bottom, to make things happen. While the book will undoubtedly aid many companies as an invaluable guide to management, the book is also the perfect marketing tool for Gallardo’s new mentality: Think Holistic, Act Personal. A well-produced, impactful book such as this complements perfectly the speaking and consulting career that Gallardo has carved out for himself. Most importantly, the book sets Gallardo apart by presenting his significant business wisdom in a compelling, instructive way.

Gallardo’s book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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