Live in a Home that Pays You Back: A Complete Guide to Net Zero and Energy-Efficient Homes

Award-winning author and respected housing expert Anna DiSimone wants to take you on a virtual tour of the home of the future. It’s healthier, more comfortable, saves money, and reduces your carbon footprint. Live in a Home that Pays You Back is a reference guide that can be used for years to come. It uncovers every part of the sustainable home, with clear explanations, helpful infographics, and hundreds of follow-up resources.

The book offers a wide range of information for homeowners looking to build or retrofit, including mortgage financing and how to roll retrofit costs into the mortgage. It explains about the health benefits of energy-efficient homes and how this can improve a home’s true cost of ownership. Anna explains many different renewable energy options, using a “whole-house efficiency blueprint” chapter to point out the many places homeowners should consider. Or, if you’re looking to construct your own home, consider the popular “zero energy ready” program and the home building opportunities chapter with instructions for modular, manufactured, log and timber, and prefab home kits.

The book even includes a comprehensive directory of rebates and incentives for all U.S. states and Canada provinces. Find out about cash rebates and financial incentives from utility companies and local municipalities, along with key local government policies such as solar and wind access rights, and net metering laws.

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