Farmers versus Foodies

Ray Starling is the current General Counsel and President of the NC Chamber Legal Institute and has previously served as the chief of staff to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and as the principal agriculture advisor to the President of the United States. As a lawyer, advisor, professor, expert, politician, and thought leader, Ray Starling utilized his decades of experience in agricultural policy to write Farmers versus Foodies: a look at the outside forces forging the future of farming and food.

Starling’s book offers insight into the battle being waged between agricultural insiders and political outsiders who grapple over control of the agricultural industry. Showcasing both his expertise and his passion for the agricultural industry, Starling’s book offers an exploration of what the future of this sector may hold. Diving into the growing impact of outsiders on the farming system in the United States, Farmers versus Foodies explores the changing dynamics between the actors at play – mapping the changing landscape of this intersection of policy and agriculture.

In an industry that continues to change and adapt to current policies and emerging technologies, Farmers versus Foodies provides a starting point to understanding the intersection of public policy and the agricultural sector. This entrance point has allowed Ray to connect with both experts and amateurs alike. Farmers versus Foodies has served as an invaluable tool for spreading awareness of this issue and opening up opportunities for Ray to share his passionate message with thought leaders in the agricultural community and beyond.


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