FAMA – Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association: 75 Years of Advancement

The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA) is a non-profit trade association devoted to providing tools and information to promote fire apparatus safety. They work for the manufacture and sale of safe and efficient fire trucks, fire apparatus, and fire equipment. FAMA has its roots at the end of WWII when the wartime bans on manufacturing non-military vehicles came to an end. The fire industry was still using pre-war technology and quickly realized how many advancements had been, and could still be, made for fire safety.

FAMA began as a small group of manufacturers but has grown to include hundreds of representatives from over 125 member companies throughout North America. The association is devoted to effective open communication and works closely with national and international organizations toward their shared goal of safety. 1986 FAMA President Earl Everhart says “FAMA is probably the only business and manufacturing group in the world where 60 or more competitors can sit down and share knowledge for the improvement of products instead of cutting one another to shreds.”

This cooperation and the advancements that have come from FAMA are documented in FAMA’s 75th Anniversary History Book. FAMA reached out to every living past president and several prominent leaders to interview them for the book, leaving no known record unexamined. The book is a collaborative effort that frames a historical overview of FAMA from its origins to current times.

To learn more about FAMA or to order a copy of their 75th anniversary book, please visit https://www.fama.org/book-orders-intro-page/


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