CEO & Beyond…

Mark Taylor, Pharmaceutical CEO, has chosen Jenkins Group to assist in publishing his new book, Warrior CEO: The Remarkable Journey of Milan Panic and ICN Pharmaceuticals

Taylor relays the “fearless business exploits” of the drug industry’s iconic CEO, Milan Panic. Panic built one of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world: ICN Pharmaceuticals. He is deemed one of the industry’s longest-reigning founders/CEOs, spending four decades leading ICN and acquiring more than 75 companies.

Warrior CEO recounts Panic’s extraordinary journey to his station as CEO. Panic came to America in 1956, escaping communist rule in Serbia. Panic later served as Prime Minister of Yugoslavia and sought to achieve peace in the Balkans. Still, Taylor argues that Panic’s most substantial feat involved building ICN and developing ribavirin, the gold-standard anti-viral for Hepatitis C.

Taylor’s expertise is grounded in his long tenure at ICN in numerous executive positions, his seven years on Wall Street as a leading drug analyst, and three decades of experience in the industry. Today he leads a small team of drug developers at Hallux Inc. tackling hard-to-treat fungal disorders.


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