New Behaviors for the Digital Era

How should a savvy business leader approach the new year? She or he may strategically embrace organizational change amidst the evolving digital era by reading SYNC’d: A Behavioral Operating System, Meeting the New-Era Customer at the Warp Speed of Global Business.

Cathy Sunshine—business partner, coach, CEO—has chosen Jenkins Group to help publish this relevant 2019 book. Now, the book’s progressive insights are being highly acclaimed by renowned business leaders.

SYNC’d asserts that structural and behavioral change is necessary amidst what may be called the “Third Industrial Revolution.” Jan Heppe, Retired President of Burberry Americas says, “SYNC’D offers a roadmap for the why and how of execution in the new Digital Era.” Sunshine’s “roadmap” involves transforming behaviors that are embedded into the modern workplace.

This new book is ideal for business leaders seeking to meet modern customer demands in a market of rapid technological advancement. Another important business leader comments on how Sunshine addresses contemporary organizational culture. Kevin Knight, Former Head of Consumer Credit and Debit Products for VISA and Chairman, CEO of Nordstrom FSB, remarks, “In SYNC’d, Cathy shares a systematic approach to align modern organizational performance with the new pace of the market.” SYNC’d encourages a variety of leaders to structure their businesses in ways that help them stay competitive in an ever-changing technological climate.

Sunshine’s book is now available on Amazon.

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