My Mommy Is a Candidate

Larissa Martinez has close to two decades of experience working as a political strategist. Mari Martinez Zinser is a teaching artist specializing in program design. Together they’ve written My Mommy Is a Candidate, combining Larissa’s campaign knowledge and Mari’s experience teaching young children.

They wanted to write My Mommy Is a Candidate to help moms explain their candidacy to their kids. Campaigns can be confusing for little ones, so Mari and Larissa work to connect these new experiences to children’s’ development. They make connections between what makes a good candidate and the traits the kids themselves are developing, closing the gap between the adult world of campaigning and children’s daily lives.

My Mommy Is a Candidate showcases women as leaders and involves all members of the family in campaign life in a way kids can understand. Candidates, teachers, school board members, and more have offered praise for the book, which fills a longstanding gap for many families. Larisa and Mari plan on working through many more professions as their children’s book series takes shape.

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