Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting Your Biased Brain

Dr. Janet B. Reid is an innovative thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Vincent Brown is an expert in diversity and inclusion, organizational and team development, and executive coaching. Together they have written an award-winning book, Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting Your Biased Brain, to share the secrets of the naturally inclusive and to disrupt unconscious biases, leading to better teamwork, collaboration, and productivity.

Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting Your Biased Brain

Intrinsic Inclusion is about re-training your brain to make yourself more naturally inclusive. It works at the intersection of diversity, neuroscience, biases, and biology to disrupt implicit unconscious biases and change “default” mindsets. The book asks timely and provocative questions to prompt important discussions for readers to consider in their business and personal lives. Reid and Brown encourage dialogue and discovery, empowered by intrinsic motivation to be more naturally inclusive.

Intrinsic Inclusion has been embraced by experts in diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, global diversity, HR, and more. Through the book and the offered Facilitated Learning Experiences, individuals and groups can engage in respectful empathy, connected understanding, shared trust, and reaction to significant emotional events or relationships. Intrinsic Inclusion can help teams of any size create an inclusive environment for all.

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