CONNECT: The Ultimate Human Superpower

Sam Beard wants you to connect – to yourself, to others, and to the universe. Connection is behind every good and noble deed, and is the core to creativity and resourcefulness. Connecting is a prerequisite for love and a gateway to spirituality, enlightenment, and higher purpose. It is also one of the key initiatives of Gift Global.

In his book CONNECT: The Ultimate Human Superpower, Beard shares 38 remarkable journeys into the inner realm of mind power. These 38 storytellers work to ignite in us the spark to gaining richer, more fulfilling, and purposeful lives. Each of them has unlocked a way for us all to connect to a greater power within ourselves so we can realize our enlightened human potential.

The stories within the book are told by a range of people from an Aboriginal healer, to a scientist probing the frontiers of higher consciousness, to leaders on the world stage, to people who appear ordinary and everyday but are far from it. CONNECT is part of a global collaborative campaign to engage and invite new people to discover and activate their inbuilt capacities and reach greater happiness

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