Adventures with Divot and Swish in the Ozark Mountains: The Superpower of Confidence

Beth Brown, PhD, created her characters Divot and Swish to explore education and positive youth developments through sports. Divot, a golf ball, loves meeting new people. Swish, a basketball net, is a bit shy, but loves basketball and trying new sports. Together they travel the world, making new friends, exploring new cultures, and gaining new superpowers through playing sports.

For their first book, Divot and Swish adventure in Costa Rica and meet Sammy the Surfer. They’ve never gone surfing before, so they’re nervous as they follow Sammy’s lead. They learn to paddle, balance, and stand on the boards, but will Divot and Swish find the courage they need to surf with the fish?

In their second outing, Divot and Swish go to the Ozark Mountains for a week at a sports camp. They meet McKenna the Mountain Biker who invites them on an exciting biking adventure. Divot feels nervous about biking, and Swish is unsure of himself when he needs to speak out loud. Together they work to unlock the real-world superpower of confidence.

Beth has a PhD in sport psychology from the University of Kansas and a life-long love of sports, starting when she picked up a basketball when she was only 2. She’s not only an author but also a golf coach, an educational program developer, and founder of the coaching and consulting agency Team Aureus.

Divot and Swish go on adventures inspired by Beth’s real-life experiences with sports, friends, and cultures. The pair teaches kids about new physical activities while traveling around the world and making friends in places like Costa Rica, the Ozark Mountains, Hawaii, Switzerland, and Australia. Through these adventures they develop real-life superpowers like courage, confidence, resilience, teamwork, and loyalty – superpowers young readers can develop, too.

The pair takes kids on beautifully illustrated adventures into new worlds praised by parents, teachers, and kids. Beth is available for book reading adventures both virtual and in-person with customized art or physical activities for each classroom.

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